Airbus DS Wales WARP

The Airbus DS Wales WARP is a Warning, Advice and Reporting Point aiming to serve the local government, local authority and strategic partners in Wales. The Airbus DS Wales WARP is a not for profit service.

A WARP is a community based service where members can receive and share the latest advice on information security threats, incidents and solutions. WARPs are part of the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure’s (CPNI) information sharing strategy, with the aim of reducing the risk of malicious attacks on Information Systems. WARPs have shown to be effective in increasing information security through greater communication of alerts and warnings, incident reporting, and improving awareness.

Airbus DS is the UK “Systems House”, offering Integrated Systems, Solutions and Services. Our experts work in the areas of information systems and networks, integrated intelligence solutions, critical infrastructure protection, battlespace management systems, border control and surveillance, large event security, and global security.

With a strategy of designing Information Assurance and Security into our solutions from day one, and our innovative approach to delivering tailored Lead Systems Integration solutions, we are partner of choice to organisations requiring secure solutions. This is proven by our key roles in strategically important initiatives such as the MoD Defence Information Infrastructure (Future), and Communities and Local Government’s FiReControl projects.

Our recognition as experts in Information Security means that members of the Airbus DS Wales WARP community can be confident that their ICT systems are highly secured.

Filtered Warnings Service

The aim of this service is to provide the Airbus DS Wales WARP community with filtered e-mail alerts. Members will complete an online ‘secure’ profile of their information needs that will be broadly based on their hardware and software configuration, which will identify their areas of interest. Alerts and advisories from a number of trusted sources, including Airbus DS itself, will be filtered based on the applicability to individual member profiles, and then disseminated to members via e-mail in a timely manner.